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Friday, August 3, 2007

Traffic Ticket Woes for Maverick Carter - CEO Of LeBron James Company

It seemed like an odd place for the regional managing partner of a major law firm, Squire Sanders & Dempsey, to be practicing. Amid the untucked T-shirts and denim shorts of a couple of dozen drivers resigned to plead "no contest" to their traffic offenses, Nance stood out in a natty suit and polka dot tie.

His client was Maverick Carter, 25, right-hand man of Cavs superstar LeBron James and CEO of James' LRMR Innovative Marketing & Branding. Carter was charged with driving 94 mph on a stretch of I-71 where the speed limit is 60. He already has 18 traffic convictions since 1998 and currently has eight points on his license. The potential four points from the Middleburg Heights ticket could result in a suspended license.

Enter "Fred the Fixer," who worked out a deal before court began in which Carter would attend a remedial driving course, knocking some points off his offense.

Carter wore a surgical mask during the hearing because he recently was released from a hospital after being treated for strep throat. Magistrate Kevin M. Preston got chuckles when Carter approached and explained the mask. "You can step back," he said.

He signed off on the driving course and Nance and Carter were on their way. Major civic crisis or misdemeanor traffic offense, "Fred the Fixer" still had his mojo.

"If a CEO of any of our major clients has to go to traffic court and wants me there, you'll see me in traffic court again," said Nance. "There are clients and there are clients."

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From article in The Cleveland Plain Dealer 8/2/07 - Michael McIntyre, reporter

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