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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Waukegan Illinois To Launch 1st Red Light Camera

WAUKEGAN - Waukegan will launch its first red-light camera in early October, city officials said.

The camera will be at Lewis and Sunset Avenues on Waukegan's northwest side. Motorists caught on camera driving though a red light will be mailed a photo of the violation and fined, city officials said. A dozen more intersections could be outfitted with cameras later, officials said.

Chicago, Bolingbrook, Bellwood and Rosemont already use red-light cameras. Applications are pending for the automated technology on 50 state-operated roads, the Illinois Department of Transportation said.

Waukegan officials said the cameras are intended to make driving safer, not fill village coffers. Motorists caught on camera running a red light will be fined $100 while drivers caught by police are fined $75, Waukegan Police Chief William Biang said. The fee increase will help pay for the cameras, Waukegan Police Sgt. Anthony Joseph said.

Chicago Tribune Staff Report

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